Most people would like to know more about where they came from and the history of their family roots. That's how "FamilyCoatOfArms.Net" came to be. We started out researching our own families and bought the most advanced computer software and printing equipment in order to fulfill our quest. This has turned into a full time business that we enjoy. Helping you fulfill your quest.
        We offer you the finest Computerized "Family Name Histories" and "Coat of Arms" at a very
reasonable price. (Only $19.95 for both, plus S/H and they are 100% guaranteed).

Origins and History
        Symbolic and ornamental figures similar to those of heraldry have been used as tribal or national emblems since ancient times. The Romans used the eagle, the french employed the first lion and later the fleur-de-lis. The practice of carrying personal armorial devices on shield and banners began during feudal timers, when it was necessary for a knight, with his face covered by the visor of his helmet, to be recognized at a distance. In the 14th century the practice was introduced of embroidering the family insignia on the surcoat worn over the coat of mail, giving rise to the term coat of arms. In 1483 King Edward IV established the Heralds' College to supervise the granting of armorial bearings. Individuals, families, kingdoms, lordships, towns, episcopal sees, abbeys, and corporations may have coat of arms. And it is from these many Heralds' Colleges that generated the massive data bases from where we are able to find your information. Also, if you have a description of a "Personal Coat of Arms" that is not a registered Coat of Arms and send us the information, we can draw them for you for a small fee.
        We keep the cost down by not offering matting or framing. In most cases the shipping is a lot more because of the added weight and also a greater possibility of your items being damaged. Frames and Matting are available at most department stores for a very reasonable price and it's fun to do yourself.

(These are the perfect gifts for those hard to buy for relatives).

(Sample only. Yours will be shipped to you as 8 1/2" x 11" printouts)

Coat Of Arms and Family Name History
        By displaying your Coat of Arms and Family Name History in your home, bonds your family closer together. It shows family members your family had a proud past and close family ties and they should honor and uphold the family name. The family name history will give you important information as to where the name originated and how it came to be. It may reveal facts about some of your family members and a family motto if there is one.
        The "Name History" (above) and "Coat Of Arms (below) is a sample of the name "Collins". Everybody's Name History and Coat of Arms are different. They will arrive to you as 8-1/2" x 11" full color printouts on 67 lb Coverstock Paper. Some companies use parchment paper to print on and are beautiful also. We chose Coverstock paper to give your printout very smooth lines and the very best in colors. If you like, we can scan your artwork at 600 dpi and send it to you as a jpeg file format for a small fee. That way when you receive your information you can email it or print it out yourself for other family members. As you see, we are here to help you.
        They are shipped to you in plastic document protectors between heavy duty cardboard shipping pads. And as an extra safety measure, we ship them laying flat. Not rolled up in cardboard tubes.

Ordering is Easy!
        Print and fill out the order form. Make sure you check the spelling of your name and (Please print clearly). Indicate the origin of your Family Name, England, Scotland, Ireland, etc.. If you do not know the origin we will research the name for you. If there are more than one origin, we will use the most popular or oldest known origin.
        All orders are shipped US Postal Service/Priority Mail. It takes us a few days to research your information. Most orders are shipped within 72 hours after we receive your order and will take 5 - 8 days to arrive to you within the United States and Canada. International orders may take up to one month. We do not ship orders Next-Day or Second-Day Rush delivery.
        Note: If you order your information as a Jpeg file, we still have to print out your Name History and Coat of Arms. The scan and placing them on a disk will be an extra cost not included for $19.95. The hard copy will be shipped to you.