Songs of Magical Folklore


    Long before the movie Moonstruck starring Cher appeared in theaters, a band called Moonstruck was born. When Moonstruck started out playing music at various gatherings, there were very few songs dedicated to the
God and Goddess and Nature Spirits. So we began to collect and write songs. As the New Age movement grew,
we were finally able to make our first recording, titled Moonstruck, in 1996. With this tape, we undertook a
series of recordings dedicated to the God and Goddess and all beings of love and light. These songs found a
home in all earth religions and many of the songs became classics. Our second recording,
Witch of the Wildwoods was released on CD in 1999.
    The songs on our CDs Witch of the Wildwoods and Moonstruck speak of the mysteries of the Old Religion taught to us in times past and now retold in song. We call them "tunes of magical folklore".
This exciting mix of vocals, chants and instrumentals is sure to uplift and inspire you.

Band Members

    Steve Collins began playing the guitar and singing at the age of seven. By the age of eleven, he was a professional musician performing at Six Flags Over Georgia, summer festivals, tent revivals and other venues. He was a member of several bands including The Sundown Boys, Jimmy Carter and the Senators and Evil Weed. In 1980 Steve began performing and writing Folk, Celtic and Earth music. He is a High Priest of the "Old Religion". His instruments are Guitar, Bass Guitar, Native American Flute, Saxophone, Hand Drums and other rhythm items.
    Steve's contribution to Moonstruck is Vocals and Guitar.

    Eury grew up in a musical family, learning to play a varirty of instruments early in life. She is classically trained in piano,
harp and cello and experienced in solo and ensemble performance. Eury began playing music with Moonstruck in the early 80's.She reflects her commitment to musical expression as a window to the soul.
    Eury's contribution to Moonstruck is Vocals and Keyboards.

    Larry began playing bass guitar in 1975. Since then, he has performed with the DeKalb Symphony Orchestra, the Georgia State University Jazz Ensemble and Big Band, British rocker Steve Marriott, and Stax/Volt records artist/producer William Bell (in addition to innumerable bar bands). Before leaving the music business in 1989, Larry had two songs with national airplay on Jazz Flavours with his band "Cleverly Selfish." He also scored numerous college/alternative credits with other projects on the side while engineering for several multiplatinum acts live and in the studio. After a near-fatal auto accident several years ago, Larry has returned to playing spiritually-oriented music with friends.
    Larry's contribution to Moonstruck is bass guitar.

    After studying music composition and learning several instruments, Mark self-produced/engineered recordings on his own label in the Midwest. In Atlanta, he has worked as a recording engineer and on live concert production. Mark recorded, produced and mixed Spiral Rhythm's acclaimed "I Am" CD. He joined Moonstruck in September 2002.
    Mark's contribution to Moonstruck is rhythm guitar and hand drums.

    Bruce Collins is the son of Steve Collins and grew up playing drums with Moonstruck and other groups. Bruce has many years of experience playing drums at gatherings and around the circle fires. He is a true firepit drummer, and projects this special energy though his personal style of playing.
    Bruce's contribution to Moonstruck is Trap Drums and Hand Drums.

    Born in England, Pamela Ebrey today continues a family music tradition. Her grandfather, father and two brothers have all performed live on stage. She is also a High Priestess of the "Old Religion."
    Pamela's contribution to Moonstruck is the rhythm section, playing a wide array of instruments including the Vietnamese Danmo, Shakers, Maracas, Kokiriko, Claves, Chimes, Hand Drums and Gong.

Music By Moonstruck

Witch of the Wildwoods

    Selections: The Burning, Witch of the Wildwoods, Just a Rib, What Should We Do For Our Lord and Lady, Home Song, Wheel of the Year, Sunrise Psalm, We All Come From The Goddess, Medicine Wheel, Samhain Chant, Pagan Man, Beltane Boogie, Element Chant, Firepit Drumming, Cauldron Chant.  ISPN# 698789234527


    Selections: Witch Mountain, Night of Magick, Lady, I Am Lord, In The Beginning, Harvest Song, Yule Tide, Burning Times, Circle Song, Woman of the Woods, Silver Magick, Belen-Tanze, Circles, Thanks Be. ISPN# 698789678925

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